The current Timetable runs until October half term - you will receive the new timetable by e-mail. 

There is always a copy of the current timetable and any changes on the school notice board.


Please e-mail me directly if you would like a copy of our full timetable.


Welcome new Pupils.....we hold lots of different classes - please e-mail me for a full timetable

Please e-mail with your child's date of birth for correct placement. We have limited places now, but will be opening new classes in August so we are taking names for then..

BEGINNERS age 2 - 3  9.45am Saturday Ballet, Tap & Modern  (fee £4.50) Please register now.

BEGINNERS age 3 - 4  10.30am Saturday Ballet, Tap & Modern (fee £4.50) Please register now..

BEGINNERS age 4 - 5  11.15am Saturday Ballet, Tap & Modern (fee £4.50) Please register now.

To register now, please e-mail Miss Tina at tinasdancestudios@outlook.com with your child's date of birth to be placed in the correct class on Saturday.

NEW BEGINNERS age 6 and above  -   please e-mail me with date of birth and I will let you know what class to join. Please note, there is a waiting list for some classes but we try not to keep any child waiting for longer than a half term.

NEW BOYS WANTED! age 3 - 5 Beginners Classes age 6 - 7  Primary Classes age 8 - 9 Junior Classes age 10 - 11 Transition Classes age 12 plus Senior Classes and double work

Existing Pupils....please ask for the current timetable by e-mail          

LADIES         Mondays :     6.00pm Ballet & Tap     All welcome!

                      Mondays :    6.45 Summer Shape up and Dance

please e-mail tinasdancestudios@outlook.co.uk for further information

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