Beginners Classes (Saturdays)

Most of our pupils begin to dance at a very early age - 2 is the youngest (out of nappies please!) 3 and a half to 4 is the average age. We start with ballet, tap and modern - learning the very basics in posture, positions and musicality, through expressive exercises that hold the imagination and encourage short bursts of concentration.







Primary Classes (Saturdays and Wednesdays)

Primary classes also embrace ballet, tap and modern. We still have a lot of imaginative learning, and begin to use terminology for basic technique. We play with percussive instruments to encourage their natural musicality. Children begin to dance as a group, or choose a partner for certain exercises, opening up their social awareness skills. They have the opportunity to attend a second dance session during the week to work towards their first ballet exam. However, exams are not compulsory, and there is absolutely no pressure at this stage.

Junior Classes (Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays)

Juniors can now join National classes to learn dance styles from around the world, and have an introduction to Musical Theatre to learn song and dance routines from the West End Shows! As the children grow older and progress, the dancing becomes more physically challenging, so the timetable is arranged with no more than an hour and a half in one day, with the option to attend up to 3 times each week.




Transition Classes (Saturdays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays)

By now the children are dancing for the love of it. There is a lot of development at this stage, both physically and socially. We see strong friendship bonds forming, and begin to see some children start to take their dancing more seriously. We have progressed into more complex exercise regimes, now including Jazz, with fitness levels rising and technique improving as the children become more aware of their bodies and abilities. 




Senior Classes



Our Seniors are dedicated dancers. They have a vast choice of lessons available up to 5 times a week, including Acrobatic Arts, Contemporary, Limbering, and Choreography. Some pupils take the full range, others just taking weekend classes. They have the opportunity to start vocational training, and to assist teachers by demonstrating steps for the younger classes on Saturdays. There is a happy sense of belonging and pride in our Senior school, with many positive role models setting examples of high standards. Pupils are treated as young students, being responsible for their appearance, punctuality and attendance. They discover that discipline is accompanied by achievement, and that dedication brings its own reward.






This is the pinnacle of your career at Tina’s Dance Studios. It has taken years of sweat (and maybe a few tears!) to reach this stage. Our high standards are equally matched by the enthusiasm of the Prefects class. We have launched many Prefects into full time training, many gaining scholarships and grants. Those in it for fun are also dancing at a very high standard and have gained excellent physical skills and artistic abilities. Dance promotes a healthy lifestyle and a discipline that stays with you. As for the memories and friendships—they are also your to keep!

I am delighted that many of my ex-Prefects now bring their own children to our dance classes—what greater recommendation could we ask for?

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